Hello 2018

Hey Bloggers,

Here wishing a very Happy New Year to everyone. I hope God bless you all with happiness, prosperity and positivity. Make every moment of this year a great one. 

Love and peace🖤


Pranav warke


Thank you 100+ 

Yes, My blog has reached 100+ followers and I’m so happy and thankful to all of you for reading and appreciating my post. 

I wasn’t a daily blogger and just joined this community for sharing my thoughts and views. Though I wasn’t active for many days and couldn’t write due to some college stuff and exams but I will surely come up with good content. Anyway I love all of you and thankful for supporting me.

Also if you have anything in mind or want to see any particular post, please do tell me- comment below.

You are Awesome, Thank you!! 💕


Self Isolation!

Hello Bloggers, this blog is about my thoughts or say concerned for the one who is heading towards isolation.

I believe- “Depression and Despair are the central cause of Isolation”.

It all starts with the pain and burden you hide from others that is something by which you get hurts. The more you are hurt, the more you wanted to run from others. I also get stuck with past sometimes and it replays in my mind which leads me to stay alone or makes me to isolate and then it goes darker and darker and more darker. Hard times makes the situation easy for us to do so for particular time like,

We don’t want to talk,

We don’t want to express oneself,

We don’t want to share anything,

We don’t want to cry anymore as tears gets dry on their own.

Yet some part of me still expect to or need someone who can understand my situation, because deep down I know, there are people who love me and wants me to be happy no matter what happen. I know its not easy to get out from the desire or feeling of isolation but if you push harder it can be easy.

Go out for a while and meet new people interact with them. Hangout with your friends for sometime. Have a chat with bestfriend and most important is to spend time with your family why because you ain’t be getting anything from being alone and isolated but darkness. There are dozens of way to keep yourself happy and peaceful you just have to seek them out.

and with time everything is going to be alright, you’ll be fine.


Unplanned moments !

The moments you make, plays forever in your mind. 

Always be happy in the moment you live, that’s enough.

Be a little lost for sometime and cherish those parts. 

Feel things which were unknown like never before.

Helping you in witnessing the world beyond imagination.

Propelling you to find happiness and worth. 

Save every little or bigger.

Planned or unplanned.

 Every damn moment a perfect one.

More and more 🖤


Infinite power ..

Thoughts of nature are all around my mind like I’m always a part of it and its mine. Respectfully

Nature is God, God is Nature.

Always be grateful for this gift.

Recognize its beauty, everyday you wake up.

You thing you know, but its always unknown.

Feel the calmness, before he shows its infinite power.

Love the nature, because its always been yours.


Today’s Basic !

Basic for everyone but extraordinary for one ; Yes I’m talking about myself.

Here I am in 20’s a normal sensitive guy curious to know everything I came across, full of humour and excitement, starting with my last year of graduation with all the possibilities.

Wondering, what I’m doing for the future I want and was my dream. Ohh Wait, it is placement time this particular point of my life is going to push me in a way where I’m going to achieve everything I always wanted to be by letting go all those compromises and staying back thing.

Know it seems normal but very important for me and my family.

I’m waiting for this, and it came across.

I’ll will do it for myself, and for my beloved.

Making ordinary, an extraordinary thing.


I’m not here to fit in, I’m here to stand out !

Its just a starting wait until I finish it !

Thanks for reading ❤


Thank you !

Hello guys,

I wasn’t a serious blogger, but in past couple of months I frequently started posting and today got 100 likes on my blog. Here yes, it is best day for me which is all possible because of you guys who appreciated my post and writings.

I know its just a starting but this little achievement makes me so excited and motivated to grow more.

Thank you so much


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